Norman Foster’s idea of the future is surprisingly ecotopian

Is technofix dead? Well, at least in terms of aesthetics, we may be past it’s heyday.

Here’s journalist Jackie Daly, writing about starchitect Norman Foster, in the Financial Times‘ How to Spend it magazine:

Lord Foster has conceived some of the world’s most iconic buildings – The Gherkin in London, Berlin’s The Reichstag, Cupertino’s Apple Park and the headquarters of the Hong Kong Shanghai City Band. But asked what future he’d create with unlimited resources, his ideal is not a »Blade Runner«-like skyline of kinetic skyscrapers and flying cars, but something simpler and more sustainable, which builds on the idea of community.

Norman Foster ist quoted saying:

»It would be a place where you would have a synergy between living and waste, which would not go to landfill but would be processed to generate energy, or to create another product like fertilizer […]. It would generate power in a clean way instead of linking it to past ideas of the big power station and transmission lines. Much like the field of communications where the ageing infrastructure of telephone poles, cables and exchanges have been designed out, this neihborhood would not only be doing its job more elegantly, it would be doing more with less.«

Jackie Daly: »Design is that endless quest for perfection«, in: How to Spend it, October 9, 2021, pp. 80–83, quote taken from page 80. Link to the online version of the piece.

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