A leftist’s defense of the nouveaux riches

Old Money types have always detested the arrivistes. The nouveau riche […] make wealth look like something nasty and indefensible. Douchebags in Lamborghinis fundamentally undermine the self-conception of the upper classes, which is that they are the appointed stewards of taste and judgment against the vast uncultured hordes. But since the rich of all flavors are a monstrosity and a cancer, it’s the flashy, obnoxious kind of wealth that we should hope for, the kind that tells no lies and is more obviously despicable. Civility is destructive because it perpetuates falsehoods, while vulgarity can keep us honest.

Taken from Amber A’Lee Frost’s essay The Necessity of Political Vulgarity.

(This was written and published before the Trump presidency and I’m not sure it still holds up, but it’s an interesting argument nonetheless …)

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