Heat waves, elsewhere

Video: Beirut – The Rip Tide (Directed by Houmam Abdallah, via The Awl)

Chilly temperatures in Hamburg and my ever running nose (oh how I love them pollen) make this summer feel a lot less like, well, summer. Goosebumps + Snot = Winter, I always thought. As if the ubiquity of blaring TVs, drunken hordes and  ill-advised make-up choices thanks to Euro 2012 weren’t bad enough!

So when Jan Paersch invited me to appear on his radio show Rauschen next Tuesday night and asked for me to bring a few summer songs, I was excited – and dumbfounded. Summer songs?

Of course YACHT’s bouncy and aptly titled »Summer Song« comes to mind, as does Chuckamuck’s »Ostsee«, a giddy song about driving towards the seaside, and speaking of which, didn’t Beach House release a new record this year? But it feels that while those songs and Chillwave favorites make for warm and breezy easy listening, they’re the lore of yesteryear. So what’s in for summer 2012 besides national anthems and football chants?

A recent favorite is »México« by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido a.k.a. Mexican Institute of Sound that can be found on Soundcloud (via Tropical Bass). I wish I knew the lyrics, especially given the album title »Político« and the upcoming Mexican presidential election that has inspired fierce student protests. Unfortunately, my Spanish does not extend beyond »vamos a la playa«.

Another song stuck on repeat is Beirut’s »The Rip Tide«. I may be biased by the beautiful video shot by Houmam Abdallah, but this feels like a breeze of fresh air – even though heat waves would be nice as well.

Addendum: Back from the studio, here’s the link to last night’s fun and chatty Rauschen show. Don’t listen to it if you’re easily offended by agism (sorry)! Jan and I played »Ostsee«,»The Rip Tide«, and »México«, among other songs.


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