»Dance-Punk’s not dead!« — Not Squares‘ »Asylum« makes cowbells fun again

square: A person scorned because he is not in the know or, esp., not cognizant of, wise to, or aware of the modern interests, activities, groups, fashions, or fads which the speaker considers vital; (…) one who is not aware of, or has no, or is probably incapable of feeling, sympathy toward or appreciation or understanding of bop and, later, cool and far-out music, or of bop, cool, far-out and beat attitudes and fashions; one who is not, and is incapable of being hip

super-square: A person who reads, and/or appreciates, and/or prefers over Urban Dictionary, and/or is sincerely entertained by, antiquated Pocket Dictionaries of American Slang (1960).

not squares: see above and here and here and here.


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