John Stewart & Bill O’Reilly discuss Fox News:

It’s always great edutainment when Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly meet. However, even better than the two of them talking about politics — something both are passionate and witty about, though middle ground is not always easy to be found — is the two of them discussing what they do for a living: TV.

It’s become a common theme for Stewart to refuse being held accountable for people who watch his political comedy show in lieu of „real“ news. It’s also a common theme for Fox News hosts to flatly deny charges that their shows are everything but „fair and balanced.“ So do we learn something new in this segment? Probably not. And yet, seing Stewart and O’Reilly trade accussations and poke fun at each just made my day.

I’d be glad to have Fox News in Germany if we got Stewart along with it.


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