You're a Novice to Public Dissent? Or Satire? Christopher Hitchens and Jon Stewart recommend: Cut (through) the Crap!

In „Letters to a Young Contrarian“, his guideline for those practicing the art of public dissent, commentator and essayist Christopher Hitchens explained the role of the public intellectual in (post-) modern society as follows:

[T]he job of supposed intellectuals is to combat oversimplification or reductionism and to say, well, actually it’s more complex than that. At least, that’s part of the job. However, you must have noticed how often certain „complexities“ are introduced as a means ob obfuscation. Here it becomes necessary to […] proclaim that, actually, things are less complicated than they appear.

In the current issue of Sojourners Magazine (you’ll need to sign-up to be able to read the piece, however it’s free of charge), satirist Jon Stewart argues likewise:

Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Too often the role of government and corporations is to obscure their real argument, and we feel like the role of media and the role of editorial authorship is to re-clarify those things.

„Tell it like it is“ — that’s all there is to brilliant political commentary?  I’m sure things must be just a little more complicated… or should I say: obfusciated and obscure?


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